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Infocast partners with Trading Central to launch the “Smart Picker” function for market data termina

Hong Kong, February 16, 2021 -- Infocast Ltd., a leading B2B financial technology vendor in Hong Kong, today announced that it has partnered with Trading Central, a pioneering global FinTech and investment research organization, to launch a new “Smart Picker” stock market analytics function for the Infocast InvestGO real-time market data terminal. The Smart Picker uses advanced big data analytics to provide an easy-to-understand “bullish-or-bearish” trend indicator for various equities, thus assisting investors with their stock trading strategies.

InvestGO’s Smart Picker function is powered by Trading Central’s unique behavioral interpretation to predict the stock market sentiment. Following the theory that many stocks’ price trends tend to repeat their historical behaviors in cyclical patterns, the behavioral interpretation uses patented Automated Chartist Pattern Recognition algorithms to identify these key events and price moves, and predict at which point the cycle shall start to repeat. The Smart Picker can indicate the most probable upcoming bullish-trend or bearish-trend for the chosen stock, upon which the investor can leverage their trading strategies.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Anthony Lo, Product Director of Infocast, stated “Investment is becoming increasingly technology-driven, and investors are always seeking news ways to improve their investment strategies. We believe that our collaboration with Trading Central to enhance our InvestGO terminal with the Smart Picker function shall truly empower our end-users, giving them an edge at predicting upcoming market trends.”

Dr. Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central, added “In today’s volatile stock market, being able to recognize behavior and patterns is becoming increasingly useful. Trading Central’s patented analytics engines provide a powerful tool for recognizing these cycles, and our algorithms are seamlessly matched with Infocast’s market data systems to ensure the best possible coverage of major stock markets. We feel that the Smart Picker is an ideal way for InvestGO users to obtain an expert’s second opinion for their trading strategies.”

Smart Picker is the latest feature to be added to Infocast’s revolutionary InvestGO terminal. Aside from Smart Picker, InvestGO also provides many advanced functions, such as real-time market data for the Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and United States stock markets, covering different classic Pattern technical and chart analytics. InvestGO also delivers a feature-rich yet intuitively-simple user experience with powerful tools such as dynamic icons, interactive hyperlinks, modular workspace tabs and automatically-aligning windows. Users can also leverage InvestGO’s personalized watchlists and alerts to stay on top of the market. InvestGO also features multi-lingual news from Infocast’s in-house Newswire team, alongside content from reputable global news sources.

Infocast’s InvestGO internet-enabled market data terminal, featuring the Smart Picker function powered by Trading Central, is available to all types of securities brokerages, banks, financial institutions and investors on a per-terminal subscription basis. Interested parties are invited to enquire with Infocast or Trading Central directly.

About Infocast

Infocast Ltd. is a leading Hong Kong vendor of financial technology (FinTech) solutions and services. Since 1996, Infocast has been supplying stock trading systems and market data products to over 150 banks and brokerages across Hong Kong and Asia. Employing over 100 IT professionals, Infocast specializes in developing brokerage trading platforms, banking enterprise solutions, financial market data and news content, and end-user investor applications, tailored to suit your business needs. For more information, visit

About Trading Central

Trading Central is a global leader of actionable financial market research. Trading Central’s award-winning product suite fuses expert research desks with artificial intelligence to provide actionable technical, fundamental, news and economic analysis of global markets. Trading Central’s innovation division focuses on expanding the firm’s proprietary algorithms, alternative data streams and bold new ways to better support investment decisions in the ever-evolving digital space. Trading Central Asia Ltd. is the Hong Kong based SFC licensed subsidiary of Trading Central. For more information, visit


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