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有機會贏取手提電腦 免費試用2個平台1個月! 「在家工作」優惠:實時多市場數據 Get a chance to win a laptop and use 2 platforms for free


「北斗星InvestGo」及「滙港投資寶InvestPro」的新訂戶,只需在2022年3月8日至4月8日*期間,成功申請試用,即獲豁免一個月的終端機許可證及相關費用**,並有機會贏取Dell Latitude 7320商務手提電腦***。


如想查詢「北斗星InvestGo」X「滙港投資寶InvestPro」的1個月試用詳情,請前往 ,或致電 (852) 2589 9552 或發電郵至 與我們的專業團隊聯繫。

*「在家工作」優惠適用於「北斗星InvestGo」及 「滙港投資寶InvestPro」新訂戶,需在2022年3月8日至4月8日期間成功訂閱試用。 **我們將免除新訂戶 1 個月的牌照費和相關的本地的徵費(聯交所、聯交所和恒指)。 ***我們將在成功申請的訂戶之中,隨機抽出一名得獎者,並於4月15日或之前透過電郵通知得獎者,安排獎品發送。


To encourage remote working within the investment industry, Infocast is pleased to announce a “Work From Home” promotion for a business-grade laptop and our InvestGO and InvestPRO real-time market data terminal and mobile investment application.

New Inves​tGO and InvestPRO applicants that successfully apply between 8th March and 8th April 2022* can enjoy a 1 month waiver for both terminal licenses and exchange levies fees** and a chance to win a Dell Latitude 7320 Business Laptop***.

Don’t miss the market opportunities with real-time multi-market price quotes, interactive charts, smart watchlists, price alerts, smart picker analysis tool, breaking news coverage and many more insightful tools!

To enquire about the free laptop and our 1 month InvestGO x InvestPRO free trial, please go to or contact our professional team today at (852) 2589 9552 or

* WFH promotion applies to new InvestGO or InvestPRO applicants that successfully sign up between 8 March - 8 April 2022.

** Waived 1 month license fee and local levies (SEHK, FEHK & HSI) for all newly applied terminals/users.

*** One winner shall be chosen at random from the new applicants that successfully sign up for the 1 month free trial. Infocast shall e-mail the successful applicant to receive the laptop on or before 15 April 2022.

We will continue to provide the most relevant promotion or topics to assist you in this ever-changing environment.

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