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全新企業短片 New Corporate Video

在此分享我們最新的企業短片, 亦感謝在短片當中的中國工商銀行(亞洲)金融科技部總經理唐斌先生、勝利證券行政總裁兼執行董事高鵑女仕及香港股票分析師協會副會長郭思治先生,分享他們長久以來選用我們服務的原因和體驗。

Watch our new “Infocast Corporate Video” on our website and hear how Mr. Tang Bin, Head of Financial Technology Department of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia); Ms. Katerine Kou, CEO of Victory Securities, and Mr. Francis Kwok, Vice Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts & Professional Commentators also talk about their support of Infocast and how we helped them find solutions.

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