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滙港資訊將於4月7日舉辦 HKIDR - 提交檔案及附加在交易指令的網上研討會,講述由證監會(SFC)制定、港交所(HKEX)實施的新規定HKIDR 我們很高興邀請到 港交所營運科交易部高級副總裁陳偉雄,與滙港資訊產品總監盧忠民,講述新政策 HKIDR,以及分享有關的專業意見。 只需填妥表格,即可報名。費用全免,先到先得。* 網上研討會詳情如下: 主題:HKIDR - 提交檔案及附加在交易指令 日期:2022年4月7日 時間:下午4時30分至6時 報名: 或 (852) 25899552 如有任何查詢,請聯絡滙港資訊的客戶服務中心 or (852) 25899552 。


On 7th April, Infocast shall host an online webinar event titled “Files Submission & Order Tagging", providing an overview of the new rules set out by the SFC and implementation of the regime by HKEX. ‘HKIDR’ applies to SFC-licensed corporations or registered institutions, including both market participants and market makers.

We are also delighted to invite special guest speakers at the webinar event; Mr. Chan Wai Hung, Senior Vice President, Trading Division of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and Mr. Anthony Lo, Product Director of Infocast Limited. They have generously agreed to contribute their expertise in HKIDR to the webinar. We cordially invite you to attend, simply fill in the online form to RSVP. Attendance is free on a first-come-first-served basis!* • Topic: HKIDR – Files Submission & Order Tagging • Date: 7 April 2022 (Thursday) • Time: 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. • RSVP: or (852) 25899552 For enquiries, please contact Infocast’s Customer Service Center at or (852) 25899552.

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